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ARCO Messenger - Reach your customers in just one click

This is Soft Way SMS Management System to send customers notifications of any kind such as recall campaigns, incoming goods, ready vehicle withdrawal, events invitations, birthday wishes, all integrated in ARCO with one simple click.

Fidelity Card - Reward your customers' loyalty

Give your customers the chance to accumulate points in order to win prizes or discounts, with an ARCO integrated Fidelity module you can:

- Discounts Loyalty Cards

- Gift Cards

- Points accumulation card

- Prizes/discounts catalogues

Online sales - broaden your boundaries

The console designed for online sales management allows to publish data relating to handled articles towards a web area and to withdraw received orders confirmations (sales) getting the handling easier (expeditions).

Some of the advantages that can be obtained with its use are:

- Publish specific articles data (attributes, photos, availability, etc.)

- Automatically get information about sold articles from the announcement description

- Automatic creation of customers list and articles related to web sales

- Automatic creation of sales documents for expedition

- eBay sales management

Tablet applications - Arco always with you

- Are you around and you want to know if a specific product is available at the company?

- Shall you manage a vehicle evaluation with ARCO but you are out of the shop?

- Are you closed but you want to know when you can let a customer come for a vehicle service appointment?

Thanks to tablet ARCO applications you can access all of the main functionalities, from any internet connected device

Dealers Stock - All for one, one for all

- Do you have any unsold item held in storage for a long time?

Maybe a colleague of yours is just searching for it but can not find it because it is out of production!

Or you are desperately looking for an article that producer does not provide anymore? What if a colleague of yours had it? How can you know this?

The ARCO stock publishing functionality, thanks to interrelation between supply and demand, can solve all of those needs, by allowing you to publish and search for articles in "Dealers Warehouse" of those affiliated with ARCO.



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